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Our Executive Team. Over 50 years of global secure entertainment expertise.  

Stefani Longshamp
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Integral safety expert and a master of global security affairs. Protecting royals and high-end clients for 10 years, Ellafi knows the ins and outs of events: From taking security measures to organizing them. 


He recently joined a partnership with Oceanco Global, taking responsibility for their promotional events in Monaco and Dubai. Ellafi always strives for win-win situations, deliberately focusing on gain for all parties he involves in his worldwide projects.

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Global Communications Strategist, building the world as we know for the last 25 years.


Helping large corporations and official institutions such as Viacom and WarnerMedia develop their digital and technology strategies around the world on communications and marketing tactics, with large experience with high level officials and executives in the Americas and Middle East.


World class advisor for digital footprint / sensitive public image and reputation management, including private corporations and governments.

Driss al Malamy

Senior Advisor

Mr. al Malamy has over 20 years of experience at the private and official institutions in the Middle East.

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